Session Information

After School Club Pricing (for Reception to Year 5)

Time Price 5 Day Price
3-4pm £4.50 £20
3-5pm £6.00 £27.50
3-6pm £7.50 £32.50

Later collections from school based clubs can be arranged for £7.50

All sessions from 4pm onwards include tea. Fresh fruit is availabale to all children throughout the session.

All sessions can be booked or amended up until 10am on the day of booking.

Term Times 2023/2024

During term time out After School Club club will run from 3pm - 6pm Monday to Friday apart from when there is a bank holiday or inset day. Term dates we work to can be found in the table below.

Term First Day Last Day
Autumn Half Term 1 Wednesday 6th September 2023 Friday 27th October 2023
Autumn Half Term 2 Monday 6th November 2023 Friday 22nd December 2023
Spring Half Term 1 Tuesday 9th January 2024 Friday 9th February 2024
Spring Half Term 2 Monday 19th February 2024 Friday 22nd March 2024
Summer Half Term 1 Monday 8th April 2024 Friday 24th May 2024
Summer Half Term 2 Tuesday 4th June 2024 Friday 19th July 2024

Holiday Club Dates 2023/2024

Our Holiday Clubs will be running between 9am and 3pm to cover school holiday during the following windows

Holiday First Day Last Day Total Days
Summer 2023 Monday 31st July 2023 Friday 25th August 2023 20 days
Christmas 2023 Monday 27th December 2023 Friday 5th January 2024 7 days (closed 01/01/24)
Easter 2024 Monday 25th March 2024 Friday 5th April 2024 8 days (closed 29/03/24 and 01/04/24)
Summer 2024 Monday 29th July 2024 Friday 23rd August 2024 20 days

Bank Holidays & Inset Days 2023/2024

Our out of school clubs will not be open on the bank holidays and inset days that are included in the table below.

Date Closure Type
Monday 4th September 2023 Inset Day
Tuesday 5th September 2023 Inset Day
Monday 8th of January 2024 Inset Day
Monday 6th May 2024 Boxing Day
Monday 3rd June 2024 Boxing Day

To see a list of schools we have agreements in place to collect children from please visit our Schools page.